Bulleted PowerPoint slides (without images)

Class, Slide sets

This post is a step-by-step guide to creating a two-color design for an all-purpose slide set in PowerPoint 2010. Yes, PowerPoint comes with several designs ready for use, but why not set yourself apart from the pre-packaged?

My example is based on this slide presentation:

Here’s a sequence of slides to demonstrate how to build the body slides:

Many experts in PowerPoint design recommend dark backgrounds for slides (and that’s a topic for another post), but you aren’t limited to something as dark as the brown in this inspiration presentation. The following slides were created with color combinations pulled from business designs featured in Before & After magazine.

One last hint: remember to occasionally look at your slides in Slideshow mode while standing several feet back from them. It helps you see what your audience will see. If anything isn’t clear from six or eight feet back, it needs rethinking.

Photographs are not required to create an attractive slide presentation. However, if you want to use photographs, please read this post.

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