In-text quotations: a slide set

Slide sets

The slides are intentionally missing the source citation for page numbers in the book I used. Citations are subject to style. Please consult a handbook for MLA, APA, Chicago (or whatever style your assignment requires).


Note:  With the exception of the poetry quoted, the examples come from chapter 5, The Brain is a Team of Rivals, of Incognito, The Secret Lives of the Brain, by David Eagleman. I bought this book because the inside cover summary was so intriguing:

Why do you hear your name being mentioned in a conversation that you didn’t think you were listening to? Why are people whose names begin with J more likely to marry oher people whose names begin with J? Why is it so difficult to keep a secret? And how is it possible to get angry at yourself — who, exactly, is mad at whom?

Taking in brain damage, plane spotting, dating, drugs, beauty, infidelity, synesthesia, criminal law, artificial intelligence, and visual illusions, Incognito is a thrilling subsurface exploration of the mind and its contradictions.

Every chapter has multiple real-life stories to help make his points. Quite a few of them, such as the Mel Gibson story I’ve quoted from for these slides, aren’t obvious choices for a book about brain science. It makes for interesting reading.