Commas, a slide set

Punctuation, Slide sets

Please note:  For some people,  the the Oxford comma is dead. In fact, it lives on in instructors’ classrooms, which is why keen eyes will spot it on the “list” commas slide.

That’s it: the six ways. Of course there are plenty of writers who use more than one way in a single sentence. However, your writing will not suffer (and may even be better) for not doing so yourself. Now, go practice!

Bulleted PowerPoint slides (with images)

Class, Slide sets

The newest approach to slide presentations asks that the presenter create attractive slides that refrain from bullets or too much text. The burden shifts away from the slides and over to the presenter to tell the audience the story of the information. The slides serve mainly as visual reinforcement.

It’s a terrific idea, but sometimes an instructor or a boss is going to demand bulleted slides. The trick becomes honoring the request and the new approach, both. Here’s what a well-designed PowerPoint presentation needs:  great ideas and a slide design that does not get in the way.