Paint the bike, a lesson in avoiding plagiarism

1. Plan & Research, Revisions

Loaner bikes in Copenhagen, Flickr photo by Let Ideas Compete

Copenhagen city planners have created wide bike lanes and timed traffic signals to favor bicycles over cars.¹  The city’s “go green” mission includes a bike share program for tourists and locals alike. To borrow a bicycle, however, you need to know that one is available, so the loaner bikes are given strong colors and distinctive design to make them stand out in a bike rack.

Researching on the Web

1. Plan & Research

You are reading this online, so access to information for a research paper will be easy:  any topic you chose is likely to receive thousands of hits in a search engine. How, though, do you find exactly the details you need? More importantly, how do you find the ones you don’t yet realize you need?

Google, which owns over 60% of search engine market share,¹ has earned its reputation as the go-to search site.